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Vaastu Dosha Nivaarana Mahasiddhidayak Swastika Shriyantra

Bvramanastro This Yantra has powerful effects on the attainment of power, authority and financial success. It also bestows popularity. It bestows favour from the government, higher officials and popular leaders. This Yantra is equally powerful in eliminating Vaastu Dosha. This should be installed both at home and the workplace. You may bless your friends and relations and as well as get blessed by them by gifting this Yantra on a festival day - be it Diwali, Christmas or New Year day. Should be kept at the entrance on a wooden stool or in the show case or in the living. Keeping a flower in front of it is enough. Can be kept on any day except on a Saturday or Tuesday.

Matsya Yantra

BvramanastroMatsya Yantra clears Vaastu faults like a fish cleans a pond. This Yantra is ideal for business and house to bring prosperity and wealth. Keep the Yantra in the north east corner of the house or office. Chant the mantra:"Tat purushaya vidmahe mahaminaya dhimahi tanno Vishnu prachodayat" (Matsya Gayatri Mantra) 16 times facing EAST or NORTH after morning bath. The meaning of this mantra is: I salute the divine Lord Vishnu who incarnates as a great fish and who purifies the cosmos for perfect balance and harmony. Install on Wednesday evening around sunset time.

Koorma Yantra

Bvramanastro This Yantra is Deity specific and is usually worshipped by the devotees of Sri Vishnu. It is said to confer health, wealth & prosperity. Deep spiritual progress and Grace of Lord Narayana is also a result of worship of this powerful Yantra. Install this on a Wednesday evening at sunset time.

Sheegra Vivaha Yantra

Bvramanastro This is a very powerful Yantra made up of a combination of four different Yantras. Regular worship of this Yantra by unmarried girls results in an early find of a suitable match. The concerned girl to install this on a Friday morning (before 9 am) wearing green coloured dress. A dhiya using silver lamp and ghee to be burnt in front of it on Tuesdays and Fridays. Other days wave incense (such as agarbathi) and offer flowers to this after morning bath and after washing hands, feet and mouth during evening hours.

Vahan Durgatna Nivaran Yantra

Bvramanastro When Mars and Venus are ill placed in a horoscope and when transit Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu come over sensitive points in a horoscope, one become prone to major accidents which could result in loss of limbs, death, hsopitalisation and such grievous problems. This Yantra when kept inside the car (or any automobile) would be an effective way of minimizing accidents and give protection to the concerned person. As soon as the person or persons get into the car, they must chant the mantram: OM SHRI MAHA DURGAYAI 'NAMAH" 11 times. Generally advised to avoid travelling (journeys) on New Moon and Full Moon days, one prior to these two days and two days after these two days as much as possible. In case not possible, keep the yantra permanenly in the car and chant the mantram as suggested. If flying or going by bus or rail, carry this yantra in the hand baggage. Worship the Yantra with agarbath before you leave the house.

Meru Koorma Maha Yantra

Bvramanastro I Brass (wt approx: 1.1 Kg) - Kroom Prishtiya (Meru) Shri Yantra" is one of the oldest and most precious Yantra created by 'Aadi Guru Dattatreya' for the welfare of common man. Perhaps, the thought of conceiving Yantras for the benefit of man kind was performed during the Vedic age when metal came into being. Literally, "Kroom Prishtiya Meru Shree Yantra" means Shri Yantra which is mounted at the back of a tortoise upwards. It is also believed that the tortoise lifted the weight of the earth over its back when the Gods and Rakshasas vied with each other to churn the mightly ocean to get Amritha (elixir) that could make man live without death. It is also believed that the "Koorma Proshtiya Shree Yantra" was used by the learned Brahmin community of coastal area in Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu and in Kerala in the seventh or eighth century. The Shree Yantra mounted over the back of the tortoise looks similar to the dome of any temple. It also depicts one of the fundamentals of 'Vaastu Kala' which says that any residential house, palace or temple must be mounted at the centre to the top, so that the person residing in it should get more and more energy radiation and solar reflections from the cosmic universe or Brahmanda (world) to be more healthy, wealthy and wise. It can be placed either at the foundation of a house, temple or at the strong room, locker or cashbox etc.,In all, it is a rare, Spiritual Antique which helps to reduce all possible doshas. This is by itself an "art piece" and looks very beautiful and impressive. A must for every home or office. In Hospitals, this would increase the healing rate. Can be installed on any day at any time except on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

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