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Gems and Stones

Gems and stones are worn to ward off the negative influences of planets as their vibrations corresponds to unique planets. Astrology finds out the suitable gems/stones for a person through astrological calculations that ensure overall growth and well being. Accurate stones along with their correct weight and wearing method are mandatory to arouse the desired qualities of a person that ensure success. This accuracy depends largely on the astrologer's sharp observation and experience.

We prescribe gems and stones that strengthen or accelerate the desired results of a person. In addition, we also provide all types of gems and stones.


BvramanastroRuby, the gem of Sun, gives all round success in the life. It improves the leadership qualities and puts a person at the forefront. Since centuries, it was worn by battlefield commanders to protect themselves from the enemy. It improves intellectual capabilities and concentration. Therefore, it is used to drive away various stress related problems like insomnia, hysteria etc. It is the stone of love, which surrounds the user with an aura of beauty.

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Bvramanastro Emerald is the stone for Mercury, the planet representing wisdom and voice. Mercury is also the ruler planet of Gemini and Virgo. This gemstone is used to ward off the negative effects of mercury. Emerald has deep green colour, pleasant sight and peaceful vibrations, which is favoured for intellectual powers and wealth. It improves decision making capability, reasoning power and presence of mind. Emerald is considered auspicious when lovers present it to their partners. This gemstone is very suitable for diplomats, scientists, businessmen, insurance officers and musicians.
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Bvramanastro Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj is the stone for Jupiter or Bhrashpati. It has brilliant yellow colour. This gem gives material wealth, prosperity and status. It also improves the working of liver and therefore overall health. It brings success in business and growth in services. Yellow Sapphire also removes hurdles in finding love and marital bliss. This gemstone is very suitable for those people who are aspiring for administrative and political positions.
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BvramanastroBlue Sapphire or Neelam is the stone for Saturn. This bright blue colour stone is an extremely powerful stone that provides protection from the evil influences of Saturn. A most talked about gemstone, it blesses a person with immense good luck, wealth and prosperity.

It has been noted that the most famous persons wear this gem. It provides rare ideas, innovative mind power and exceptional skills. This gemstone provides protection from misfortunes, accidents and unforeseen dangers. People from the creative fields, who desire fame, should wear this gemstone.
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Bvramanastro Red Coral or Moonga is the stone for Mars. This planet is the commander-in-chief of the nine planets and considered as the god of war. Mars is also the ruler planet of the Aries and Scorpio. This deep red coloured gemstone bestows upon a person self-confidence and administrative abilities.

It also creates several desired virtues like courage, perseverance and problem solving capability. Red Coral improves the muscular structure and functioning of bone-marrow. Besides, it also removes the effect of tantra and evil spirits. This is an ideal gem for soldiers, policemen, players etc.
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Bvramanastro Gomedh or Hessonite is the stone for Rahu, a planet considered as the ascending node of the moon. Rahu generates unnecessary worries and strained relationships and causes unpredictable and sudden changes. Gomedh counters all the ill effects of Rahu by providing mental peace.

It also improves finance, health and happiness. Gomedh bestows the wearer with financial prosperity and gradual accumulation of wealth. This gemstone is highly recommended for those, who have Rahu in their tenth house in the natal chart.
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Bvramanastro Cat's Eye is the stone for Ketu, a planet considered as the descending node of moon that influences thinking, asceticism, relationship and wisdom. Cat's Eye is precious gem, which harmonizes Ketu. This stone removes all the negative influences of Ketu such as physical weakness and mental worries. Cat's eye is founded in various shades like black, light green etc. with one or two white line on its surface. It also ensure financial gains and consolidate accumulation of wealth.
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Bvramanastro Diamond, the king of precious gemstones, has surprising luster and beauty. It represents the Venus planet or Shukra, which is regarded as the third brightest planet. Venus is also the ruling planet of Taurus and Libra. Venus is important because of its association with the science, medicine, tantra, hypnotism and mesmerism.

Diamond gemstone increases the positive influences of Venus such as stamina and wealth. It also provides blissful marital life and good health. Diamond removes inferiority complex and generates desired qualities in the wearer. This gemstone is considered very for artists, actors, hoteliers, gold sellers, industrialists and doctors.
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Bvramanastro Pearl or Moti is the stone for Moon. In Astrology, moon has similar signification as of heart. Pearl is used to remove the ill-effects of Moon. Pearl gives calm and vibrant feeling. It improves memory as well as the confidence for the interaction with people. This gemstone cures all the diseases arising out of the heart.

It helps in splitting negative energy and emotions. Pearl increases both inner beauty, facial luster and charm. It creates mental balance, tranquility and calmness as well as enhances the power of love to ensure a blessed marital life.

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