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Karya Sidhi Yantra : (for getting the desires fulfilled)

BvramanastroThis Yantra will ensure the safe passage of work that one intends to undertake. One should write the work that one intends to undertake on the Yantra in positive language on a yellow strip of paper using bright red ink and worship the Yantra. Install early morning on Friday.

Sarva Aikya Mahaa Yantra

Bvramanastro (4 in one ) for unity among family members - This is one of the most powerful 4 in one combination Yanyra that helps one in Attraction, Love, Unity and relationship. This Yantra contains: 1)Aikya Madhyama Sukta Yantra, 2) Purusha Vatsya Yantra, 3) Santana Gopala Yantra and 4) Stree Vatsya Yantra. This combination of Yantras strengthens unity within a family and also in other relationships. "Aikya Madhyama Sukta Yantra" brings Unity (Aikya) - in All (Sarva) relationships. This Yantra is also worshipped for attracting another person or opposite sex. This also helps one in having good relationship with a love or wife or husband. Purusha Vatsya Yantra helps women to attract men and maintain good relationship with them. "Santana Gopala Yantra" bestows good children or helps parents maintain good relationship with their children. "Stree Vatsya Yantra" helps men to attract women and also helps them to maintain good relationship with them. This yantra helps in reuniting a family that has split because of selfishness of certain family members or because of DRISHTI (NAZAR- EVIL EYE) or due to black magic. Install Friday morning as early as possible after 4 am.

Sarva Raksha Yantra

Bvramanastro (4 - in - one) for protection of the entire family: This Yantra is another very powerful Yantra that helps one to have protection of one's entire family. This Yantra contains 1) Sarabeshwara Yantra , 2) Maha Sudarshana Yantra, 3) Shoolini Devi Yantra, 4) Pratyangira Devi Yantra. Helps in keeping a family well knit and united. Install on Friday morning at sunrise time.

Aakarshana Yantra : (For attracting loved ones)

Bvramanastro This Yantra is worshipped for attracting (aakarshan) another person of opposite sex. It also helps one to have good relationship and emotional warmth with a loved one/wife/husband. Not to be used for evil purposes or with evil intentions. Mantra: Om namo Sarva Loka Vasikaraya Kuru Kuru Swaha!" Chant this mantra 33 times facing NORTH, keeping a photograph of your loved one in front of it. If you cannot keep a photo, think of the concerned person deeply. Install on Friday evening between 5am to 7 pm.

Kaamadeva Yantra : (for effectively getting over sex problems)

Bvramanastro This Yantra is very powerful and effective Yantra for attraction purposes. It also solves all sexual problems healthwise and fulfill one's desires of leading a happy conjugal life. Mantra: Om Kleem Kamadevaya Namah" . This mantra to be chanted everyday after morning bath for 54 times, after waving an agarbathi in front of it. Install on Friday evening between 5 pm and 7 pm.

Susheela Yantra : (for ladies to have effective control on the household)

Bvramanastro This is a very powerful yantra for women to have control over their erring husbands. This Yantra solves their day to day problems and strife. This Yantra brings harmony in the love relationship of husband and wife and brings the couple closer to each other.

Mantra: "Om Lokesha Priyatam". Chant this mantra 33 times thinking of the husband. To be installed on Friday evening between 5 pm and 7pm.

Bhoomi Yantra : (for protection against evil spirits)

Bvramanastro This Yantra is for worship in the home/temple for protection against evil spirits and black magic. This is more specifically to be used on an empty residential or commcercial site before starting construction. On a Friday morning..................

Matangi Yantra: (for promoting fine arts)

Bvramanastro Shri Mantangi (a special form of the Divine Mother) bestows good speech and helps in promoting fine arts faculties such as Sangeeth or music, dance, all kinds of arts, etc., After installation on a Thursday morning (before 9 am), daily pooja of the Devi is to be performed with Mantra sitting in Siddhasana. Daily morning after bath, the Mantra is to be recited as follows: "Om Hreem Matangaya Namaha" for 33 times.

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